All participants, including athletes, assistants and coaches involved in the EPC Youth Games are entitled to free travel (paid by the EPC) when using the Brno Integrated Travelling System in zones 100 and 101. All participants must have their accreditation on their person and visible in order to avail of free transport.

Transport from/to the airport can be provided by the local organiser. Costs for the transport depend on the number of persons in the team and the airport of arrival.

Stations close to Sporting Venues

  • Vozovna Komín – Česká (Náměstí Svobody, drawing workshop) tram 3, 11
  • Vozovna Komín – Technická (Athletic Stadium), transition point Záhřebská bus 67, 53
  • Ústav Kociánka – Česká (Náměstí Svobody drawing workshop), transition point Královo pole, nádraží bus 53, tram 6
  • Česká – Náměstí míru (swimming pool) tram x4

The interactive map below provides an overview of the transport system in Brno. Event locations are highlighted on the map and by clicking on the Brno 2012 logo you can find information on how to get there.

If you require further information there is a link below to the Interactive map of Brno Public Transport

Special Transport

Participants who require special transport by buses and microbuses for disabled can use the services which operate from the stations situated at SOU Čichnova, station Vozovna Komín and ÚSP Kociánka, station Ústav Kociánka.

  • SOU Čichnova, station Vozovna Komín, buses 29, 67, 44, 84, trams 1, 3, 11
  • ÚSP Kociánka, station Ústav Kociánka, buses 44, 53, 81, 84